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Frequently asked questions

Clear answers to frequently asked questions about Formify and your business.

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Why choose Formify?

Formify delivers a 3D product visualizer, visual CPQ and e-commerce enablement in a single tool. No technical skills are required. Formify is completely user-friendly so anyone can use it to create accurate custom quotes and top quality photo-realistic renders in a matter of minutes.

The system is designed to save time, increase production throughput and optimise profitability.

How does Formify help to increase sales?

Formify allows you to optimise profitability throughout the sales and production process.

  • Generate fully customised quotes within seconds or minutes, instead of weeks
  • Instantly render your client’s request (and easily edit the render for later changes)
  • Adjust pricing margins and materials in real-time to ensure accurate product catalogues
  • Gain full end-to-end procurement management with supplier availability and markup margins
  • Get integrated enterprise resource planning and generate SKU’s and/or Bills of Material

How does Formify enable e-commerce?

With Formify, you can create an online store to sell your own products – even for custom designs. This allows you to expand your business offering to include self-service sales.

Customers can select from your product options, materials and finishes, and configure the product live. As the user interacts with the product, Formify visualizes the product in 3D with beautiful photo-realistic renders. The system also updates the pricing dynamically, letting customers select a design that fits their budget – all without any work for your sales team.

Once the customer has made their selection they can check out instantly. All the components needed for the customised product are automatically added to the basket. At checkout, product availability and delivery dates are shown, and customers can choose from various payment options, including the possibility to pay in instalments.

On sale, Formify auto-generates the bill of materials (BOM) or an SKU list to your manufacturers, providing a seamless connection to your supply chain.

Can we use Formify with our company branding?

Yes, the Formify system can be white labelled to show your company’s logo and colours.

The system is designed to be fully customizable for your branding, so that customers have a consistent experience.

Does Formify support different languages and currencies?

Yes, all currencies and languages are supported.

Which integrations does Formify offer?

Formify is platform-agnostic and requires no integration. You can send information directly from Formify to your suppliers, or export and share renders. Information sharing can be automated or done on demand.

How much does Formify cost?

Formify pricing starts as low as €600 per month + a variable one-off setup fee.
The set-up fee covers the creation of a library of designs to be used within the system. The amount of the fee is dependent on the company’s requirements and the number of items to be loaded (products, colours, textures and 3D files).

For a personalised quote based on your specific requirements, please contact our team.

How to get started with Formify?

Contact us to request a private demo, to book a discovery call or for further pricing information. Our team will be happy to answer your questions.

Email us directly at [email protected] or contact us using our easy website form.

Let’s discuss how we can benefit your business!

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Our pricing is based on the the amount of items, colours, textures, and 3D files.

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